Zaha Hadid

1950 - 2016

On March 31, 2016 Zaha Hadid passed away. She was an inspiration and truly integral voice in the film. Of Zaha Frei Otto said: "We do love each other in the professional sense. I love her, she is one of the best pupils of my work." She is greatly missed. 


Frei Otto

1925 - 2015

Frei Otto never tried to call attention to himself or his story in the making of the film. Though he considered himself an architect, sculptor, philosopher, and painter, he understood that he was only a man; something singular in a greater part of a whole. His work stands on its own as part of his greater vision for humanity. Receiving the Pritzker Prize well after the bulk of his work was created is validation that his philosophy – more than the aesthetics he achieved – will continue to inform intelligent building far into the future.