the evolution of tensile membrane architecture



Frei Otto: Spanning the Future is a documentary about the incredible life and work of Frei Otto. As an architect and engineer he laid the foundation for contemporary lightweight architecture, and his ideas are still awe inspiring decades after he revealed them. This fact was cemented when he was named the 2015 Laureate of the Pritzker Architecture Prize. 


In one of the final interviews given before his passing, Frei Otto tells how coming of age in the years surrounding WWII influenced his work in tensile architecture. Along with Buckminster "Bucky" Fuller, Walter Gropius, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Richard Neutra, Frei Otto was a visionary. His approach to form finding to solve structural as well as social problems is the foundation for modern architecture. Frei Otto: Spanning the Future takes architecture fans on a journey through a history of architecture that inspires the world of tomorrow.



Executive Producer: Simon K. Chiu

Written & Narrated by Michael Paglia

Directed by Joshua V. Hassel



Perspectives from leading architects, engineers and legendary disciples of Frei Otto



Extras and behind the scenes